1. Tooth Brushing Time for Toddlers Equates To Trouble

    24th November 2016 by thecourtyardclinic

    teeth health smileNumerous parents can attest to pinning down the toddler in an attempt to have them brush their teeth. It is a good thing to ensure that oral healthcare results in healthy baby teeth.

    Key takeaways:

    • Even though they eventually fall off, baby teeth are important for function and in guiding the permanent teeth into their positions.
    • Your children should brush with a proper toothbrush as soon as the first tooth appears to prevent oral health problems.
    • Tooth brushing time should be made fun to ensure that baby complies with brushing their teeth at least twice every day. Kid toothpaste that contains fluoride should be used for brushing.

    While you should brush twice a day, doing it before bed is most important, because while your tot is lying (generally) still, bacteria have a chance to grow undisturbed. And any sugar left in the mouth, from milk or food, gives bacteria an even better environment in which to grow.

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  2. Why Do Teeth Hurt?

    23rd November 2016 by thecourtyardclinic

    smile health teethThe intense pain you feel from your teeth could be caused by a number of factors. Remember, teeth are made up of living tissue called dentin.

    Key takeaways:

    • Tooth pain is in most cases caused by cavities, which are holes forming on the enamel layer of teeth.
    • The exposed dentin will register pain upon pressure or contact with hot and cold substances. Bacteria will enter through cavities, eventually causing inflammation and infection in the cavity.
    • Gum disease caused by bacteria is yet another cause of tooth pain. Receding gums will expose the roots of teeth causing severe pain.

    Nerves in the cavity will scream with every sip of hot coffee, every bite of cold ice cream, and will often require a root canal, which scoops out the inflamed pulp and replaces it with a rubbery material, according to the American Association of Endodontics (AAE).

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  3. Lumineers for Great-Looking Teeth with a Simple, Painless Process

    22nd November 2016 by thecourtyardclinic

    lumineers  teeth smileHave you ever wished your teeth looked better? Is there a chipped tooth that embarrasses you?  A discoloured tooth that bothers you? A tooth gap you wish you didn’t have? Crooked or misshapen or small teeth? If any of these ring true, you owe it to yourself to investigate Lumineers.

    Key takeaways:

    • Lumineers are a version of veneers. Lumineers have actually been around for 30 years, so they are a tried-and-true solution today.
    • Lumineers are digitally designed. They are ultra-thin (about as thin as a contact lens).
    • Lumineers can be applied to your teeth without drilling, without shots, without any pain.

    Lumineers can give you a natural looking smile. That’s why Lumineers are so popular. And Lumineers are even reversible, as your natural teeth are not permanently affected. So you have nothing to lose and a beautiful smile to gain.

  4. Sugar Is To Blame for Rampant Tooth Decay in Children

    21st November 2016 by thecourtyardclinic

    teeth health smileSugar intake is a big problem today and is linked to children’s dental problems. A sugar tax would help control the problem and protect children’s teeth.

    Key takeaways:

    • The introduction of a sugar tax on soft drinks would have clear benefits to the oral health of children between 11 and 18 years old.
    • Tighter regulation around price, availability and marketing of sports drinks to children will safeguard their general and dental health.
    • Oral health should be tackled in the same breath as overall health since it affects children’s overall well-being, confidence, mental health and life chances.

    The most important message dentists can give parents is to remember that it is not just the amount of sugar children eat or drink that causes tooth decay, but how often they have sugary foods and drinks.

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  5. 4 Foods That Help To Clean Your Teeth

    by thecourtyardclinic

    teeth health smileteeth health smileFiber-rich fresh apples are good for your teeth. Owing to their mildly acidic nature, the apples help to clean and to brighten the teeth.

    Key takeaways:

    • Crisp or firm foods when eaten can help to clean your teeth after a meal.
    • Common foods that will help you maintain clean healthy teeth are celery, apples, carrots, and unsweetened popcorn.
    • For the best results, these foods should be eaten after meals.

    For best results, make ‘detergent’ foods the final food you eat in your meal if you know you can’t brush your teeth straight after eating.

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  6. What to Expect During a Dental Implant Procedure

    16th November 2016 by thecourtyardclinic

    dentalimplants  smile teeth denturesYou may be considering having dental implants to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are very popular, and have given many people the great smiles they have wanted. 

    Key takeaways:

    ·    Dental implants can replace a single tooth or multiple teeth, and can make dentures secure so they don’t slip.

    • The implant is usually made of titanium and will last a lifetime.

    ·         The screw-like parts are placed into the jaw bone and are meant to imitate the root of the tooth. The crown is colour-matched to your natural teeth.

    ·         Most patients report that they were much more comfortable after the procedure than they had anticipated.

    The surgery is done in the dental office with local anesthesia but can also be done with I.V.

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  7. Busting Common Myths on Oral Health

    by thecourtyardclinic

     teeth health smileBrush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste to ensure that teeth remain healthy. A healthy diet rich in calcium is also important for healthy teeth. Let’s look at a few myths, and the truth.

    Key takeaways:

    • Baby teeth do not matter: That’s a myth. Decay of baby teeth may harm the permanent teeth that appear in later life.
    • Mouthwash instead of brushing: That’s a myth. Only brushing is capable of getting rid of plaque that builds up on the teeth.
    • Older people need not brush teeth: That’s a myth. Brushing is important across all ages. Older people can enjoy better quality life by regularly brushing teeth.

    We recommend brushing the gums, tongue and palate with a soft-bristled brush. Dentures should be cleaned daily with a strong but soft bristled brush to remove food deposits and plaque.

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  8. Your Dental Health Affects Your Skin

    15th November 2016 by thecourtyardclinic

    teeth health smileDid you know that oral health can have an impact on how your skin looks? Learn more about things that your dermatologist would want to share with you.

    Key takeaways:

    • Regular dental cleaning and checkups have a role to play in maintaining healthy skin. Poor dental health may lead to loss of bone density around the jaws.
    • Good dental health and bone density are critical for the prevention of perioral wrinkles.
    •     Use of supplements such as collagen supplementation will help boost the proteins in the skin, collage and elastin.

    Therefore, use a broad spectrum sunscreen daily with an SPF 30 or higher, and reapply every two hours when in the sun. You should also moisturize, moisturize, moisturize to maintain the skin barrier.

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  9. Dentist-Recommended Habits for Healthy Teeth

    14th November 2016 by thecourtyardclinic

    teeth men health smileSkipping brushing your teeth is not uncommon especially after a tiring day. However, food particles left in the mouth will be food for bacteria that causes dental cavities.

    Key takeaways:

    • Avoid chewing on ice since it may lead to cracking and chipping of teeth.
    • Sports drinks are a big danger for your teeth owing to the fact they contain sugars, acids and chemical additives that corrode tooth enamel.
    • Brushing too hard and brushing immediately after meals have the same effect on tooth enamel. Acids in food soften tooth enamel and brushing will easily erode enamel.

    Dentists recommend that you get our teeth cleaned every six months—but many people skip it, which can lead to big problems down the line, says Dr. Schwartz.

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  10. The Meaning of the Dream about Teeth Falling Out

    4th November 2016 by thecourtyardclinic

    smile beauty teeth Dreams are very much part of our sleep cycle occurring during REM sleep. For many people, their dreams do not make a lot of sense and may end feeling confused.

    Key takeaways:

    • Dreaming of losing your teeth can be terrifying and you may end up wondering what it all means.
    • Dreaming about the teeth indicates you are considering how confident and assertive you are.
    • Dreaming of wobbly teeth and teeth that are falling off suggest that you are losing your confidence in certain situations.

    Clenching together your teeth together in your dream suggests that you are trying to resolve the situation by simply gritting your teeth and saying nothing.

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