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Why Buy From Us?

  1. Authorised UK ZO Skin Care Aesthetic Clinic
  2. Bespoke skin routines All our routines are individually designed for you by our medical practitioners and are tailored to the medication that you may already take or products that you have already tried before
  3. Free ongoing medical help during skin conditioning and treatment and skin reviews
  4. Written ZO® Skincare Routine
  5. Top tips on your routine, product layering and detailed information on specific products
  6. Secure payment
  7. Top rated Google reviews
  8. Next Day Delivery Directly from London Harley Street pharmacy
  9. Boutique clinic: competitive pricing and supporting local
  10. Price match

ZO® Skin Health Product Prices

ZO® Skin Health product prices reflect the quality of the ingredients and the medical strength of the products (even up to 50 times stronger than available on a high street).

ZO® Skin Health prices start from under £40 for cleansers and around £100 for most face creams and growth factors.


Skin Enthusiasts

Dr Claire Wilkinson is a dentist and facial aesthetics practitioner with a huge interest in skin health and repair. She trained in London at the ZO HQ.

She specialises in creating bespoke skincare regimes to target signs of ageing such as wrinkles and lines, pigmentation and aesthetic treatment plans for acne and rosacea.

Her unique Medical Skin Assessment offers affordable and almost instant professional opinion on the best bespoke ZO® skincare routine for you. Each routine is individually designed and prescribed specially for you by Dr Claire Wilkinson.


Vogue's Beauty Hall of Fame

Revolutionary ZO® Skin Health has been included in the top 15 all time “Vogue’s 100 Beauty Hall of Fame” published to celebrate UK Vogue’s centenary issue.

It was described as “earning its place through innovation, ingenuity and creativity and represented the very best in beauty today.” 

Beautiful skin is within your reach

Here at The Courtyard Clinic we are proudly representing the ZO skincare brand with our fully trained clinicians who know the system. This is a medical grade skin care routine that has deeper, more potent, and beneficial effects than what high street brands can offer.

If you would like to get started please call 01932 582 949 and we can offer you an initial virtual consultation to get started, including delivery of the products to your home and we can make a long-term skin care plan for you.

For Our Patients

ZO Skin care

You will first need a skin consultation with one of our experts to design a programme tailored to your individual skin type.

Getting started: a 6-12 week programme to prep your skin for the stronger active ingredients to be introduced in the upcoming months.


You will be given  products which are the essential first steps to achieving healthy skin. This begins with daily solutions that focus on the needs of all skin types to restore overall skin health:

Actives: strong, medical grade products designed to be delivered below the epidermis of your skin once resilience has been built. These will be tailored to your individual concerns.

We will address specific concerns with preventative daily skincare programs or aggressive programs that target repair and restoration.

Protect: Provide the skin with both short- and long-term Triple-Spectrum Protection from the ageing effects of the sun, and against UVA/UVB, IR-A rays and high-energy visible (HEV) light. This will result in reduced wrinkles long term and protection against skin cancer. 

The brochure is provided for you below regarding most of the product details. Our clinicians will give you advice on how to use the products in greater detail and explain the benefits of each product.


ZO Skin care


ZO Skin care


ZO Skin care


ZO Skin care

Results That Can Be Expected with the incredible zO range


ZO Skin care

Before and After
ZO acne programme with Dr.Wilkinson


ZO Skin care


ZO Skin care

5 Star Google Reviews


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