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Restoring Teeth

The Courtyard Clinic prides itself on its beautiful restoration work. We go above and beyond to make our restorative work ultra-natural, so you have a seamless smile. 


Teeth may need restoring even if you haven’t got any pain. This may be due to chips, fractures, wear, erosion, decay, or developmental defects. The way the tooth is restored depends on your bite, how big the defect is, and the strength of the material required to get the tooth back up and running to full health. 

Here at The Courtyard Clinic, we have all the options covered. We can restore smaller problematic areas with our beautiful white fillings or larger areas with inlays, onlays, crowns or veneers. If a tooth needs to be removed, we have premium tooth replacement options including implants, bridges or dentures.


At The Courtyard Clinic we have state of the art digital technology, so any porcelain work required we can fabricate using our iTero scanning machinery. This means instead of messy impressions we can use a scanner to take highly accurate impressions of your teeth. This makes our lab work not only a superior fit but there is a quicker turnaround time for your custom-made lab work.


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