Nervous Patients

Dental Sedation

Many people are scared of dental treatments and we understand that, so our aim at The Courtyard Clinic is to get you treated in the most comfortable way, get you trusting your dentist again and take the edge the more complicated dental procedures.

Dental sedation is where we use a sedative medicine administered to your body to relax you, it switches off anxiety receptors in the brain so you are calm and sleepy. Time passes incredibly quickly so long appointments may feel like a couple of minutes! There is an amnesic affect so you may not remember treatment at all.

Goals of Conscious Sedation and Analgesia:

dental sedation

Maximise your safety and comfort

Minimise your discomfort and anxiety

Maximise success of the procedure

Minimise your recovery time

Maximise cost effectiveness of your treatment

Benefits of Sedation

Dental sedation


Economical since no hospital admission

Comfortable, practical, co-operative, and convenient for you and your dentist

Time saving due to your quick recovery and no need for hospital admission

Who can have sedation?


We can treat teenagers and adults. A full medical history will be taken to ensure this is a safe option for you. It is also very useful for people who can’t sit back in the chair or have back pain. 


What treatments can we use dental sedation for?


We use dental sedation for all procedures. Some people even have their initial exam and cleaning under sedation to get them used to sitting in the dental chair again!