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Why choose this treatment at The Courtyard Clinic?

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Invisalign has gained huge popularity since 2001. This isn’t a surprise with its unique design features, clear appearance, and convenient removability. Invisalign is the top choice when it comes to a safe, professionally managed, clear aligner solution.

At The Courtyard Clinic we have achieved the prestigious Platinum Elite 2 Provider accreditation. A recognition we are very proud of. This is reserved for the top tier of practitioners who demonstrate exceptional skill and consistent, proven results. Dr. Beena Harkison has also been working internally with the Invisalign development team over the last 5 years so knows the system very well to become a leading clinician in Surrey.

Why Is Invisalign Ideal For You?



You can take your aligners out to eat and to brush your teeth. This is better for your oral health.

Works quickly

You could see results from as little as 9 weeks depending on the severity of the case.


The Invisalign aligners are clear and almost invisible so nobody needs to know that you are straightening your teeth.


Invisalign is designed for on-the-go life styles. You can pop them out for special occasions, however it’s so discreet that you don’t need to do this as you go about your normal day-to-day routines.

Investing in you

Here at The Courtyard Clinic we offer free of charge consultations and flexible payment plans to help achieve your perfect smile.

3D Planning of Cases

If you are uncertain and nervous about the final result and you want reassurance, we have got you covered. The Dentists at The Courtyard Clinic will take you on a journey in space and time using our specialised 3D planning systems to see the final smile result before committing. We can even do this step at your initial consultation free of charge.

How Does Invisalign Work?


1. Scanning

We start with a 3D iTero digital impression of your mouth. We use comfortable, fast, state of the art scanning technology to ensure your trays are top quality and fabricated as quickly as possible.

2. Get started on Your Smile Transformation

Once we are happy with your treatment plan, you’re now ready to progress with the next steps in your Invisalign treatment journey:

  • Wear your aligners as prescribed
  • Come in for your planned check up/reviews
  • Carry on with your normal life routine 

3. Keep Your Smile Beautiful

When your Invisalign treatment is finished we will advise on retaining your teeth in their new place. Teeth have a tendency to move so if you would like to keep your Invisalign smile in position a retainer will need to be worn. We will discuss this with you to get a solution that suits you. 


Ideally a fixed wire can be placed with a removable retainer over the top to be worn at night. We recommend the Invisalign own brand Vivera retainers as they are 30% stronger than other retainer brands and you get a set of 3 so you always have spare retainers for that day when you lose or break a retainer.

Why have your Invisalign treatment with us at The Courtyard Clinic?


Apart from reputation and high level of experience we are different in that we make treatment simpler for our patients. We understand having braces as an adult is just another thing to add into our already busy lives. So how can The Courtyard Clinic make life simpler for you and your brace treatment?


The Answer is Dental Monitoring

If you want take advantage of Dental Monitoring during your treatment, all we ask is you take a series of photos throughout your treatment to check you are all on track to get to the pre-planned final end result. This way we can let you get on with your lives with less need for dental appointments.

Another benefit of this is we are seeing patients who travel from further afield come and visit us as a trusted practice, due to appointment frequency being kept to a minimum.



Not only will you have a beautiful smile, your teeth will also be easier to keep clean as there is less crowding. Additionally, we will improve your bite so your teeth get the optimum interdigitation to prevent complications long term from a damaging occlusion.

Most cases are suitable. Most complicated movements can be achieved. We will advise you if the rare situation arises that you would need a fixed brace.

Invisalign starts from £1,995 for a simple case. We include Philips zoom whitening and 3 sets of Vivera retainers in this fee. However, all treatment plans are tailored to an individual and may vary. Best thing to do is to come in for a free of charge consultation.

Invisalign can move teeth at the same rate as fixed braces and in some cases, it’s even quicker.

Invisalign is less painful than traditional fixed wires and brackets as there is no rubbing from these bulky metal components. To feel some pressure as the teeth move is normal and your teeth may become slightly mobile. This is normal.

Yes. As long as the child will be compliant and willing to wear the trays for the recommended time.

The courtyard clinic will give you the teeth of your dreams – FACTS!

Claire is by far the best dentist in the business. My journey with her was 10/10. Her approach is so personalised, caring, accommodating and professional! I actually get excited to go to the dentist now 🤣

Invisalign, whitening and porcelain veneers with Dr Wilkinson

If you are an Invisalign patient and you refer a new patient to us who takes up Invisalign treatment at the clinic we will give you £100 off any dental treatment you are having performed at the clinic with your dentist. 

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