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We are a friendly, enthusiastic, and highly skilled team which is happy to help enhance your smile with the latest state of the art digital technology. To improve your smile we can use a range of techniques from the more simple cosmetic procedures to the more involved cases using ceramic materials, dental implants and gum surgery. We are also available for dental advice and emergency appointment too. Just send us a WhatsApp and we will get back to you the same day!

We offer a range of facial enhancement procedures, sell the award-winning ZO facial care products range, and have our long-standing fresh breath hygiene spa on site run by our professional hygienist.

Our Ethos

When it comes to well being we believe in the holistic approach. A healthy smile and great skin is what people first see when you meet them, so our approach is to make you feel and look your glowing best:

Create Your
Beautiful Smile

Here at The Courtyard Clinic we believe in maximising the smile you already have. Minimally invasive dentistry techniques can have a great impact on the aesthetics of your smile. From delicately placed cosmetic bonding to paper thin veneer, or simple hygiene and whitening, we have the solution for you. Check out our packages to see if anything is a good fit for what you have in mind. Otherwise come in for a free of charge consultation and we can give you some advice.

Glowing skin

Like teeth we believe in enhancing your skin. Skin is your own personal canvas that tells your tale. Reverse the signs of ageing and regenerate your skin with the latest technologies on the market. We all know a perfect skin day means its going to be a good day with a spring in your step!

The Team

The heart of The Courtyard Clinic: meet our incredible team!

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What Sets us apart

Along with our highly qualified clinicians providing world class dentistry, The Courtyard Clinic is proud to use the latest advancements in technology to make your treatment more comfortable, highly accurate and quicker.

Here is a typical photo of one of our patients smiling, she had a digitally designed smile makeover including invisalign, whitening and minimal prep veneers. This resulted in next to no biological damage to the teeth, with a beautiful end result.

Read our testimonials page to see what our patient had to say and further detail of the treatments performed can be found in our cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic section of the website.

Results Driven

Patient Focussed

Minimally invasive dentistry


Our latest intra-oral scanner with revolutionary new features …
  • No need for any messy impressions, which many people find uncomfortable, instead we use an intra oral scanner to take a scan of your teeth
  • Digital scans are quicker and will also result in faster returns from dental laboratories allowing your treatment to be completed sooner
  • Digital scans are more accurate than impressions – as a result you will receive better quality dentistry.
  • Treatment simulations – our intra oral scanners can use the scan of your teeth as a guideline to show you how your teeth could look after orthodontic treatment or porcelain restorative work. 
  • Treatment monitoring – digital scans act as a 3D record of your teeth. This allows us to track changes in your teeth over time by comparing sequential scans.


We take high quality digital x-rays and full mouth scans using our OPG machine meaning we can accurately diagnose your dental condition and execute your dentistry precisely.

We also have a modern CBCT scanner for in-house 3D scans of the face to plan intricate dental surgery or orthodontic treatment. We also take referrals from other dental practices to take these images for them.

We can take a VELscope scan to screen for oral cancer in the soft tissues.

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