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The extensive range of our dental services will ensure the oral health of you and your family for life.

The Courtyard Clinic realises the importance of the word team, and as a family you are just that, so look after each other the best you can. When it comes to dental health care provision, we believe we are the first choice when it comes to looking after families and we encourage a long-term relationship between you and us. We love hearing about your family news, welcoming new children into the world, hearing about your achievements and all whilst looking after your teeth for the foreseeable future.

Studies have shown that if you see the dentist from a young age with good experiences, children developing into adults are more likely to have healthy teeth and less likely to lose teeth early due to infection. Early childhood phobias can install dental neglect and that’s where the teamwork between you, your family and us comes into play to ensure a happy and healthy future.

We want families to be comfortable coming to the dentist and make it a pleasant experience from the youngest age possible. Its best to come and see us with your baby when their first tooth comes through at roughly 6 months. We do not rush you or your children to be comfortable at the dentist. We understand trust must be built. Parents are the role models for their children so if your child sees you comfortable with us during treatment, they will likely be more tolerant to dental care.

Special Offer

Family Dentistry

Due to the above ethos we are proud to offer the following exclusive offer to you and your family to encourage healthy development:

Free dental check-up for all children aged 0-5 years of age and a free fluoride applicant to encourage healthy development of teeth.

The above offer is exclusive to parents at the time of their dental appointment, and you must be registered with us.

On top of this, do have a look at our denplan membership plans we have for the entire family!

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