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Bespoke, tight-fitting dentures
High aesthetic dentures with customisable teeth

The Courtyard Clinic boasts exceptional skills when it comes to caring for the elderly and for people who have unfortunately lost teeth. Look no further if you require beautiful new dentures.

Dentures are removable false teeth that come with a host of benefits, including helping to improve how you eat and speak, as well as boosting your confidence by restoring your smile. They can also enhance facial shape, especially around the lips and in the cheek area. 

You can either have partial dentures for a few missing teeth or full dentures to replace a whole set of teeth in the upper or lower jaw. If you would like an upgrade to your treatment, dentures can be fixed onto implants for extra strong hold. Please see our implant brochure and implant section to see how implants work. 

Dentures are usually made from acrylic, or a combination of acrylic and metal, and modern materials mean that partial dentures will blend in beautifully with existing teeth and complete dentures can pass for the real thing.

Dentures We Offer



Cobalt Chrome


All the above come with a choice of tooth shape, characteristics and colour. 

We will strive to make you natural dentures that best suit you.

Valplast dentures and bridges

Valplast dentures are flexible dentures using a pressure-injected nylon base. These dentures look very natural, feel comfortable, and fit easily into the mouth. There is no need for metal claps as this type of denture clings to the tissues in your mouth effectively.

The dentures are also different in that they tend to be much smaller than acrylic dentures and more discreet. This means that there is less wear on the roof or floor of the mouth, so there is less irritation and less discomfort. As they are smaller, they are also less likely to affect the movement of the tongue and lips, so you can speak more naturally.

The dentures are also different in the way that they are fitted to the mouth. Often valplasts are immersed in warm water before fitting. Patients tend to use this method at home too, heating them up and then inserting them into the mouth so that they take the shape of the gum form. This means that there is more adherence and better grip, even without the use of glues.

Valplast devices can be made to replace a couple teeth very discreetly in the form of a bridge:

Meet Our Expert

Dr Omo Okonkwo enjoys all aspects of general dentistry but particularly prosthodontics, the replacement of missing or heavily restored teeth. Dr Omo has taught in Kings College & Guy’s Hospital managing severe complex denture cases. As such Omo is a premier Aesthetic Retentive Denture and a Smile Makeover Provider. By going the extra mile, Omo can provide dentures with a difference, helping you get the smile you have always wished for.

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Spare Dentures

Treatment Steps

Making and fitting dentures can be quite an involved process so you may have to attend several appointments to ensure the final set of dentures are a secure and comfy fit.

  • Following a comprehensive consultation, impressions of your mouth will be taken so a wax model can be produced and checked for fit, bite and comfort.
  • A final set of dentures will be manufactured in a laboratory and, when ready, you will be invited in for a fitting.
  • If you are having complete dentures, these will be fitted in the top or bottom of your mouth. This complete denture will consist of a gum coloured arch with a set of prosthetic teeth attached. Partial dentures will be used if you only have one or a few missing teeth and may be held in place with metal hooks attached to existing teeth.
  • When you have tried out your dentures for a week or so, you will be invited back for a review appointment to check they still fit properly and remain fully functional.

After Fitting

It can take a little while to get used to your new dentures, especially if they are a complete set. They may feel odd at first and eating can be tricky, so it may be a good idea to start with softer foods and slowly introduce more challenging items. The amount of saliva in your mouth may increase, but this should soon improve as your mouth gets used to your replacement teeth.

Initially, speaking may be difficult but you can improve this by reading aloud and if you are experiencing any sore spots in your mouth, the denture surface may need some adjustment.


Dentures are designed to be hardwearing, but they will last longer if you treat them with care. Dentures should be removed before you go to bed so your gums can have a rest, but they must be stored in water or denture fluid as they could lose their shape if allowed to dry out.

Clean your dentures with a special denture brush and remember to keep your gums and any remaining teeth clean too. You will also need to attend regular check-ups so your dentist and hygienist can keep an eye on your oral health.

Please visit the aftercare section of the website for further information.

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