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Whatever treatment you need, our level of excellence is consistent across the board. We have a team of skilled clinicians who can work together to give you the best outcome possible. We can achieve the perfect smile for you in house, so it’s time to make that call if you want a smile revamp.


What sets us apart is that we listen and go that extra mile. If you want a Hollywood smile to a subtle rejuvenation, we will have the answer. With the use of dental photography and a thorough understand of aesthetics we hope your smile transformation will be exactly how you imagined it or better.  

How We Approach Smile Makeovers

Most importantly we listen. Then we see what is possible and safe. We like to do our dentistry in a minimally invasive way if we can too.


Some smiles need to be transformed using a conventional approach whilst others we can do digitally. Some smile makeovers can even be done in a day! 


Digital Smile Makeover

By using cutting edge technology, we can take a digital scan to mock up your new smile for preview virtually to ensure you will be happy with your new teeth, we can make any changes before treatment day. This makes visualising treatment easier before you commit. This essentially makes the end result completely tailored to your wishes and we can fine tune anything you would like. This could also end up saving you time and money. 


We often use digital dentistry for the following:


  • Showing you Invisalign before and after results in less than a minute
  • Veneers (porcelain or composite)
  • Full mouth rehabilitation cases
  • Implants

Smile Design

Smile Makeovers

There are many personal, damaging, circumstances that can occur and affect your teeth as a result. This could leave you living with a set of teeth that you’re not happy with and in turn, lower your confidence. Whether it’s an issue that you were born with, such as misalignment, or an issue that has occurred as a result of an accident, there is a range of treatments we can offer to find a solution.

Having corrective treatment or other treatments to improve your smile can improve your entire life. It’s surprising how much impact the state of your oral health can impact other areas of your life. Whether the issues pertain purely to appearance or are causing you some discomfort or difficulty also, having corrective treatment can have massively positive effects. From veneers, cosmetic braces and composite bonding treatments to dental implants, each provides its own benefits. The dental problems and seriousness of them will determine the treatment you need.

Issues which may lead to you looking for a dental makeover are misaligned, missing or discoloured teeth. If you have chipped or misshapen teeth, you also may look for a treatment that can restore the natural shape of the tooth, which will then contribute to a more natural smile. In addition to shape, you can also improve the colour of your teeth, having them whitened to achieve a glowing smile that lights up your entire face. All of this can be planned out during the digital smile design phase of the treatment, allowing you to set smile goals of what you would like to achieve.

If you’ve suffered discolouration as a result of eating and drinking habits, or otherwise, you’ve probably thought that it’s time to get a corrective treatment. Yellow, grey or black colours on your teeth can completely ruin your ideal smile and unless you seek out a corrective procedure, the issue will only remain or in some cases, worsen, especially if the discolouration is related to decay. Using the technology we have available, we can accurately forecast what your new smile will look like and how your tooth colour can be improved as a result of a our treatment.

Another reason you may be seeking out a digital smile design treatment may be due to you having little success with traditional dentistry. This could be that you’ve attempted to have dental issues fixed when you were younger but problems have persisted, or you’ve had treatment but had it reversed due to you not being satisfied. If you’ve had braces fitted when you were younger but didn’t wear the retainer, it’s possible that the crookedness of your smile has returned resulting in the need for re-treatment. It’s also possible that you’ve had veneers fitted but you weren’t satisfied with the results, having them reversed or leaving you wishing for them to be replaced. Digital smile design allows you to avoid all these issues, giving you a clear picture of the end results before having the treatment carried out.

By utilising the digital smile design technology that we have available, we’re able to plan out your life-changing new smile accurately, before bringing it to life. This gives us much greater scope in terms of results that we can achieve. This means that we’re able to enhance your natural teeth and smile, as well as repairing any damage. With a treatment plan that is tailored to you, we’ll track your progress and ensure that you’re comfortable at every stage. 


How It Works

Smile Design

Using the incredible dental technology and digital software we have available, we’re able to show you a comparison of before and after, giving you a clear idea of how good your smile could look. We can also show you which treatments you can have that will help you achieve these results and discuss, in detail, which would be a great choice for you. The precision of our technology also allows us to take very specific measurements of your teeth for the most accurate treatment results. This will allow us to efficiently carry out whichever treatment you choose.

Once you’ve been given a glimpse at what your results will look like, we can give you a breakdown of costs and the time period involved with your treatment. Depending on the treatment you choose and the materials which are used, the price may vary. For example, if you choose veneers, the porcelain veneers which we offer will be more expensive than our composite options. This will help you plan your budget around the treatment and understand the number of appointments you will need to attend.

Popular smile packages

All our plans are bespoke to the individual. However, for many our packages offer great value and are the answer to what you may be looking for.


Have a browse through our typical treatment plans we offer at the clinic so you are fully informed on what to expect around the type of treatment you are looking for:

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