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Children Dentistry

The extensive range of our dental services will ensure the oral health of you and your family for life.

The Courtyard Clinic realises the importance of the word team, and as a family you are just that, so look after each other the best you can. When it comes to dental health care provision, we believe we are the first choice when it comes to looking after families and we encourage a long-term relationship between you and us. We love hearing about your family news, welcoming new children into the world, hearing about your achievements and all whilst looking after your teeth for the foreseeable future.

Why choose to send your children to us?

Children’s Dentistry

Children welcome

We enjoy seeing children and understand how important it is to get children comfortable in the all-important dental chair.



We have the time to look after our child’s dental care needs and spend time desensitising them into the dental environment.


Free fluoride application

From the age of 3 years old we do regular fluoride applications to reduce the risk of decay by 50% in children.



We have state of the art technology to help children be comfortable during their visit. For anaesthetic we use the painless wand injection technique (see the nervous patient section of the website) or your child can watch Netflix for kids during their appointment to help them relax and keep seated.



No busy waiting rooms and we are set up to cater for bigger families.



We have airflow dental hygiene, which is painless, so is the ideal solution for children to accept their dental cleaning appointments.



We are set up to protect and restore your children’s teeth. We will always try and prevent decay and gum disease from a young age.


Emergency care

We can help with any child dental emergencies.

Tooth brushing station

Our lovely hygienist will spend time showing and encouraging good oral hygiene habits from a young age.


Invisalign for children

We offer the premium option for straightening your children’s teeth. Please see the Invisalign section of the website.

Please click on the following link on the best tips on how to prevent dental decay (caries) and gum disease (periodontal disease) in adults and children:



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