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Terms and Conditions – The Courtyard Clinic

Note: This list is meant to be a guide to our charges and is not exhaustive. Some of the charges are starting prices only and the quoted fee can increase for complicated or more complex treatment cases. Highly aesthetic treatments can carry higher fees, which may include laboratory visits for shade/colour matching. Treatment prices quoted can vary between individuals. Fees will generally be higher for our Consultants and more experienced/trained clinicians. A personalised treatment plan and estimate will be provided for you before beginning any treatment and will be based on your individual treatment needs, difficulty and requirements.

Payment Methods

We accept all cash payments, card payments using all major debit and credit cards. For larger payments we can arrange for bank transfers. Finance options are available upon request and explained in our finance section of the website.

Cancellation Policy

At least 48 hours notice is required for appointment cancellations. We understand that there are times when you may miss an appointment due to an emergency or work, however when you do not call to cancel, you may be preventing another patient from getting treatment they really need. It is also time wasted for the dentist.

Missed Appointments and Short Notice Cancellation Policy

We aim to provide all our patients with the best possible service and to achieve this we need your cooperation.

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please make every effort to cancel it, we require 48 – 24 hours’ notice. Non-attendance and short notice cancellations will incur a charge, as this deprives other patients of our services, and does not allow us sufficient time to offer the appointment to another patient. We do understand that in some circumstances, it can be unavoidable, but we ask that you contact us as soon a reasonably possible. The fee may be waivered, but this will be down to the discretion of the clinician. If a patient fails to attend a booked appointment we will contact you via telephone, if unsuccessful we will send an e-mail or message. Following a missed appointment or a short notice cancellation, we will advise you that further appointments being booked will require prior payment as a deposit.

Missed Appointment or Short Notice Cancellation Fees

1-hour appointments – £50 charge
2-hour appointments – £100 charge
2 hours + – deposit to be taken – enough taken to cover the Clinic’s time – Clinician’s discretion
Hygiene Appointment – 50% of the appointment fee

Deposit Policy

We will request a deposit for all appointments. The amount of deposit depends on the type and cost of treatment.


5 Year Guarantee includes any fracture of crown, onlay, veneer, bridge and restoration work (unless otherwise stated). It does not include, failure due to underlying tooth fracture, secondary decay, trauma, tooth grinding and not wearing a bite guard or accidental damage or fracture caused by inappropriate use (opening bottles) or de bonding (loosening) or subsequent need for root canal treatment. It is not given on buccal (side restorations) as these tend to fall off over time, depending on tooth brushing technique and occlusal forces. It may not be given on some restorations if there is a higher chance of failure, but your dentist will explain if this is the case.

We appreciate our patient’s cooperation with all our polices, which help assist in the smooth running of the Clinic and allowing us to provide the best service to all our patients.

If you have any questions regarding any of our policies, please do ask to speak to our Practice Manager Alison Muir.

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