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Enlighten Teeth Whitening

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Enlighten Whitening


£50 Per 50ml
£450 Full Treatment


2 weeks

Why choose this treatment at The Courtyard Clinic?

Great for sensitive teeth
Eat and drink what you like
Professional grade bleach
B1 shade guaranteed with inhouse + tray whitening

The Enlighten Teeth Whitening System is our premium brand for tooth bleaching here at The Courtyard Clinic. So why not opt for the best when it comes to giving your new smile the lift it deserves. White teeth can make such a difference to how we feel about our smile and is antiaging.

Teeth can unfortunately stain and discolour over a lifetime. Some people are born with developmental defects or have been subjected to tooth staining medications that have left them with discoloured teeth they are unhappy with. Enlighten tooth whitening can be used for these more difficult cases or if you want to achieve a guaranteed result of enlighten B1 brightness. The treatment involves the use of an at-home kit as well as in practice treatment if you choose. Each Enlighten Teeth Whitening system can provide results that will provide a long-lasting radiant smile.


Why Use the Enlighten Teeth Whitening System Compared to others?

enlighten tooth whitening

Guaranteed B1 shade at the end of treatment if you do both tray and in house whitening.

You can eat and drink what you wish during treatment.

Quick results.

Enlighten is the only system in the world that can enlighten smiles by up to 16 shades.

Minimal pain and sensitivity during treatment due to their desensitising techniques.

The Courtyard Clinic’s whitening products are refrigerated from manufacture to surgery. This is done to ensure optimal effectiveness of the whitening gels on your teeth.

No lights, gingival protection or dehydration whitening necessary.

Supplied with an anti-sensitivity serum toothpaste to use and tooth swab desensitising technology during treatment to reduce sensitivity.

Special custom-made whitening trays for you according to your needs.

The 2 step technique at The Courtyard Clinic:

Enlighten B1 Teeth Whitening Procedure
Visit 1
On your first visit, we will take a scan of your teeth to make saliva tight, custom made trays for optimum whitening. During this fabrication stage you will need to use Enlighten Serum toothpaste to help with sensitivity.
Visit 2
Fit of your trays and explanation of how to use the whitening system for 14 consecutive nights. We will give you special tooth swabs with a clear liquid in to put on your teeth to stop sensitivity.


Enlighten teeth whitening

Professional whitening products contain safe levels of hydrogen peroxide which are more effective and gentler on teeth than other abrasive methods that are very damaging.

The tooth absorbs the hydrogen peroxide and breaks down the colour molecule to turn the tooth white from the inside as well as removing the stains from the outside.

Enlighten B1 Teeth whitening treatment is a safe, effective, and non-invasive. It is a popular method of brightening all-natural teeth due to its successful results. Some patients may experience sensitivity during the whitening process. However, this is kept to a minimum if you use anti-sensitivity toothpaste and tooth swabs.

Tooth whitening will only whiten your natural teeth. It doesn’t whiten porcelain or white composite restorations. As a result, these may need to be changed if you wish to have the colour matched to your new whitened teeth.

The great benefit with Enlighten B1 teeth whitening is that it can keep your teeth whiter for the long term. You may require a top-up session at home now and again. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your teeth whitening trays safe so that you can re-use them.

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