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White fillings


From £125


30-60 minutes typically

Why choose this treatment at The Courtyard Clinic?

Strong aesthetic composite used
Cosmetic dental work so fillings go undetected in the mouth

White Dental fillings by the professionals

Tooth coloured restorations strengthen and protect your teeth, restoring them to health after they have been affected by damage of some sort. Having fillings placed as soon as defects are evident within teeth is the best approach. Therefore, we recommend at least 6-month check-ups. By catching disease early, less intervention is required, which leads to a better success rate of your teeth lasting you into adulthood. We must stress, even if you have no pain, you still may have early decay, which if left could turn into pain and end up with early loss of the tooth. 

Signs and Symptoms of Needing Fillings:

dental fillings


Bad tastes

Food packing between teeth

Discolouration of teeth

Bad breath

++ Risk factors: high sugar diet and poor oral hygiene

No amalgam here

At The Courtyard Clinic we avoid mercury containing amalgam fillings. Not only do they make your teeth look black, but they add no strength to the tooth, are a more destructive option and teeth eventually crack around them. 

With advancement in dental technology and using proper placement methods we can provide successful white fillings.


Benefits of composite white fillings:

  • Less tooth removal in preparation vs amalgam
  • Cosmetic, no one will know you had a filling placed
  • Strong
  • Personal choice, you may not want mercury in your mouth
  • Less environmental damage 

Can I replace my old amalgam fillings with white fillings?

Yes. In some circumstances this is suitable and it’s a procedure we do often at The Courtyard Clinic.



What is Composite filling material? 


Composite fillings are tooth coloured and are made from powdered glass quartz, silica or other ceramic particles added to a resin base. After the tooth is prepared, the filling is bonded onto the area and a light shone onto it to set it.


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