White spots on teeth and early decay treated without drills or injections!

Here at The Courtyard Clinic we always like to be at the forefront of modern techniques in dentistry. One of the latest advances in the profession is the use of a product called Icon. This innovative product allows the dentists at The Courtyard Clinic to minimise the appearance of white spots from trauma, fluorosis and discolouration sometimes left after orthodontic braces. The advances in technology allow the dentist to reinforce demineralized enamel, without drilling or injections.
Prior to this the only really effective treatment would be to drill away the white spot and replace it will white filling material, thus sacrificing healthy tooth. As a minimally invasive practice this was not good enough fro us- the new
procedure involves roughening the surface with an acidic gel, which opens the pore system of the lesion. The pore system is then dried and Icon is infiltrated into the lesion. The chemistry of the novel Icon resin enables it to penetrate into the lesion pores and brings back the normal tooth color. Excess material is then removed, and the material is light cured. The total treatment time is about 30 minutes per tooth.
This quick and easy procedure can make a massive difference to patients who are self conscious of unaesthetic white patches on their front teeth. The technique can also be used for early decay in between teeth, if the lesion is caught early enough no filling will be required- prevention is better than the cure!
If you have a white patch you are concerned about or are interested in this no drills, no injections technique call Alison on 01932582949

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