What toothpaste to use?

What tooth paste to use?
Toothpastes are essentially fluoride based pastes that are used with a tooth brush to clean your teeth. There are various types of toothpaste on the market to deal with various types of situations. 
Here are some examples:
From our experience,  for patients that have sensitive teeth, a good choice is to use the brand Sensodyne , the  company has extensive experience and research when helping provide patients with toothpastes that help with sensitivity . Pro enamel Sensodyne and Sensodyne Total Care are such examples. 
Patients that have an underlying gum problemscan use a toothpaste developed by Corsodyl which has been designed as an additional level of care…. to help reduce the effects of harmful plaque and bacteria. The Corsodyl daily tooth paste can help reduce the effects of the problems caused by gum disease  and help increase success of gum treatment.
 For individuals who are looking for an ‘all round’ performer the toothpaste from Colgate, Colgate Total is a good paste to use. With a 12 hour activity in the mouth, it helps keep the mouth fresh and reduces plaque activity as well. 
Of course there are a lot of whitening toothpastes on the market. Do they work? Opinions vary depending on the product, and results can be slow to achieve….so our view is to  discuss with your dentist, what you want to achieve in terms of an improvement or change  in the  colour of your teeth……
We  hope this information has been helpful
Written by Dr. Y George and Dr. A. Dodia.

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