What are Composite fillings?

Don’t you find sometimes when you go to your dentist you just don’t know what they are talking about. Mrs. Jones we are going to put a “composite filling” on this tooth. What is a composite filling? Well let me try and explain. As long as I can remember there has been various types of filling material available, from the well know amalgam filling (metal fillings) which I might add…. The Courtyard Clinic does not use , to more modern white filling materials. Composite is the technical name for a white plastic filling material.
What does it offer to you…. the patient? Composite fillings bond (stick) to the tooth, so if the tooth was heavily broken a composite filling could be bonded to the tooth and provide more strength. Now I’m not saying this form of treatment is applicable to all cases but it is a good alternative to a large amalgam filling. Composite fillings are usually placed using rubber dam isolation so as to minimize saliva contamination and to enable the filling to be placed under optimal conditions. In some cases where there is very little tooth left alternative options may need to be considered such as porcelain crowns/ onlays/inlays.
I hope this has helped.

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