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Nervous Patients

Our experience in treating anxious or phobic patients means we fully understand what a big step coming to the dentist can be for many.

You’ll never be rushed or pushed into a decision at the Courtyard Clinic; you’ll always be made to feel very welcome, and in control at all times. As well as offering the latest intravenous sedation techniques, designed to help you relax, whilst still being aware of what’s going on, we also offer ‘Drill Free’ dentistry; that’s right ‘Drill Free’ dentistry!

In the event that you do have a local aneasthetic we can also administer it using the innovative and painless ‘Wand’ technique, rather than having to use a needle
For many people, a dental visit, or even the thought of one, can cause immense worry and stress. We hope to change all that and have designed our environment to make our patients feel relaxed and comfortable. If you decide to go ahead, we have many techniques to help us to put you completely at your ease.

If you have any concerns or anxieties about coming to see us you’re always very welcome to visit the practice before commencing treatment to talk to us about sedation, ‘Drill Free’ dentistry or simply to take a look around the practice.

To find out more about our special range of treatments for nervous patients please contact.

New patients should call the practice or email us to request an initial appointment.

dp-logoDr Claire Wilkinson is a Dental Phobia Certified dentist
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