There are many ways to brush your teeth and many can be “the right way”.
The important thing when brushing teeth is to remove the plaque.  Plaque contains food debris and bacteria.
To remove the plaque you need to focus on the gum margin that lies between the tooth and the gum. To do this you need to tilt the toothbrush 45 degrees against the margin and brush sideways with short, gentle strokes.
Combine the strokes with a rotating movement to cover the rest of the tooth surface. Do this on the outside and the inside.
Brush the chewing surfaces on the back teeth where plaque can easily cause decay if not removed.
Remember to use a moderate  force when brushing. Excessive pressure can damage the gums and the tooth surface. This can lead to sensitivity  and sometimes damage to the pulp.
If you have the tendency to brush hard and the brushing injury is already sustained, your dentist can cover the damaged teeth with a filling to prevent further damage and to reduce tooth sensitivity.
Ask our hygienist for more individual oral hygiene advice.

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