Stoptober at The Courtyard Clinic

Here at The Courtyard Clinic we not only look after our patients teeth but we also want to look after the health of them and their family.
We are encouraging all of our patients who smoke to start their ‘stop smoking’ voyage in October with the help of Public Health England’s Stoptober challenge.

Launched in 2012, Stoptober helps and supports smokers to give up for 28 days along with many thousands of others. Those taking part are provided with a detailed step-by-step programme to support them in their attempt to give up their habit.

It has been shown that people who can stop smoking for 28 days are five times more likely to be able to quit for good compared with smokers who only manage to stop for a day or less, thereby reducing their risk of adverse health effects such as mouth and lung cancer, poor oral health and respiratory disease. The 2013 campaign saw 250,000 people take part and 65 per cent of those who took part successfully quit for 28 days.

So If you are interested in stopping smoking contact one of our team and we can help you on this life changing journey. Call today on 01932582949

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