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We are the only Dental Clinic in Surrey that is offering Snap-On-Smile. Have you ever looked at somebody and noticed their smile? Whether someone has good teeth or bad teeth, we all notice. That is why having nice straight teeth is so important.
Research has shown that people with beautiful smiles are perceived as more beautiful than people with unattractive smiles because it is the smile that contributes to their overall attractiveness. You only have to look at movie stars to realise that all of the attractive ones seem to have perfectly straight white teeth, and of course a beautiful smile.
Whether patients are looking to correct crowding, spacing, missing teeth, staining, wear and tear or a reduction in facial height, Snap-On Smiles has formulated a solution that is fast, affordable, non-invasive and totally reversible.
Snap-On Smiles is a temporary appliance that is placed directly over existing teeth, producing an instantaneous new smile so much like your real teeth, you can even eat with it in. With proper care, it can last for years, and provides a simple alternative to the many other invasive, expensive and painful dental and orthodontic procedures that are available
Prices can start from as little as £995.

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