Resolve to preserve your pearly whites in 2016

Even if you’ve forgotten to make any New Year resolutions (who sticks to them anyway?) it’s wise to brush up on your dental care skills and face the New Year with a sparkling smile.
After all that festive food and drink, your teeth are probably crying out for a bit of love and attention, so here’s how to ensure they are looking and feeling clean for 2016.

Our top tooth friendly tips for a shiny new year

Brush your blues away
Yes, it’s that old chestnut again – brush at least twice a day – it really is important, but remember, if you indulge in a glass of wine to banish the January blues or fancy freshening up with a zesty orange, acidic food and drink can damage your treasured tooth enamel – so leave off the brushing for at least 30 minutes.
Chew you!
If you’re too busy planning a ‘New Year, New You’ overhaul then at least try and chew sugar free gum and rinse your mouth with water to neutralise any acids until you can take time out with a toothbrush.
Don’t be too hard on yourself
Pick a brush that can reach the whole of your mouth but only use medium bristles to avoid tooth enamel erosion. Also try to change your toothbrush every 2-3 months to stop it getting yucky and make sure it’s doing its job.
Keep it clean
Stick it to dirt and bacteria by using interdental brushes to get into those tricky crevices. Also feel the floss and get busy with this handy cleaning tape to ensure your teeth are squeaky clean in-between. Mouthwash and tongue scrapers can only add to your tooth appeal.
Eat up!
We all know too much sugar is a big no-no, but how you actually eat your sweet treats can also affect dental health. It’s a great idea to eat up sugary stuff swiftly and not to prolong the pleasure – this lessens the length of time those naughty acids are in contact with your precious teeth.
Don’t be a stranger
Remember to attend your check-ups so we can keep a watchful eye on your mouth and spot any potential problems. We love seeing you and so does our hygienist who will give your teeth a delightful deep clean to brighten up these dingy winter months.

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