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Patient Testimonials July 2010

Posted in: Testimonials of the Week, by thecourtyardclinic, on 23rd July 2010 | Comments Off on Patient Testimonials July 2010
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Anonymous Patient Testimonial
CEREC – Female – Age 36
Today I travelled from Guildford to see Yasmin George who fitted two CEREC fillings. Yasmin is brilliant, very patient, gentle and understanding. There is also a lovely friendly atmosphere in the practice too.

Braces – Female –Age 12
I have had a brace to widen my jaw. My teeth are getting prettier because they are straighter. Yasmin is nice, but I hate having hands in my mouth.

Impressions – Male – Age 14
I had impressions at the dentist today, for my braces and it wasn’t too bad. Yasmin is nice, personable and explains things well.

Extractions – Female –Age 13
I live in Gerrards Cross and came to the dentist today to have two teeth pulled out. Yasmin was very nice and did a good job on the numbness part. I am happy with my teeth now because I have less baby teeth.

Hygiene – Female – Age 20
I saw the hygienist today for polishing and tarter removal. My teeth could be better but they are defiantly getting there though. Marie was very nice and friendly – Not judgy!

Hygiene – Male – Age 34
I had a hygiene visit today with Marie who is fantastic. I think my teeth are now very clean and hygienic.

Hygiene – Male –Age 73
I saw the dental hygienist for my 3 month regular check, she is very professional. My teeth are now in very good condition.

Fillings – Female – Age 7
I had my filling put in. My teeth are good and my dentist is brilliant.

CEREC – Male – Age 49
Today I had 4 CEREC’s and part of a root canal treatment. My teeth are a source of concern to me, but my dentist David Lewis is good.

CEREC – Female – Age 37
The Courtyard Clinic is local to me to very handy when my tooth fractured. I was offered an appointment on the same day; also my tooth was fixed at the same appointment. My dentist was very reassuring, gentle and totally put me at ease. I’m happy with the appearance of my teeth but I suffer with bite issues.

Hygiene – Female – Age 12
I am 12 years old and I came to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned by the hygienist. She is very chatty, cheerful and relaxed. My teeth are very clean after the cleaning.

Bridge work – Female – Age 47
Today I had my bridge for my lower jaw fitted and adjusted. For the first time in years I am proud and happy to show the difference in my teeth since seeing Yasmin. She is lovely, she is patient and caring and she is skilled and professional. I am so pleased to have found her.

Tooth whitening and Bridge work – Female –Age 19
I came to the courtyard clinic today to have my Maryland bridge replaced and to have my teeth whitened. I have so much more confidence to smile now that my teeth look natural. My dentist is very helpful, friendly and reassuring. I’ve got the best smile possible for me throughout treatment.

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