Nervous & Anxious Dental Patient’s – No Judgement Dentistry 

Do you suffer with dental anxiety? 

Are you embarrassed to visit the dentist? 

Do you have concerns about your teeth and don’t know where to go? Do you turn to doctor google for answers?  

What are your concerns? 

Bad breath? 

Low self-confidence? 

Not wanting to smile? 

Having pain? 

Not been to a dentist for long time? 

You are not alone. These are common concerns we hear on a daily basis, and we honestly  are here to help. 

Dentistry has come over leaps and bounds the last 15 years, it has become much less  invasive, our dentists are gentle, caring and we will always inform and include you  throughout your whole journey. 

As a dental professional we will diagnose any issues, provide treatment, advise, guide, and  support you.  

No judgement dentistry is our thing, so please just book that appointment! 

We have been seeing nervous patients for many years and it’s our pleasure to do  so. The satisfaction of getting someone who used to be so worried about entering a  dental practice to enjoying visits with us is immeasurable and we have achieved  these many times over the last 15 plus years. 

We go above and beyond as a team to put you at ease. From the first call with our  lovely receptionists, to dealing with your treatment coordination with Mrs. Alison  Muir, to the actual treatment day with your dentist, we will be here to help and  answer any questions.

Our experience in treating phobic patients means we fully understand what a big  step coming to the dentist can be for many. We also recognise the importance of  dental visits for such individuals as leaving your teeth untreated due to anxiety can  cause bigger problems long term so it’s important to get you assessed and  comfortable as quickly as possible. However, rest assured, it’s never too late to  improve your oral health. 

You’ll never be rushed or pushed into a decision at the Courtyard Clinic. You’ll  always be made to feel very welcome, and in control at all times. 

The Wand  

Here at The Courtyard Clinic we believe in investing in the latest dental innovations,  such as The Wand. This ensures an optimal patient experience. 

The Wand is a single tooth anaesthesia system that allows for greater precision and  contained numbness in a dentistry environment. 

Why do more patients prefer The Wand over other injection methods? 

The Wand is generally associated with less discomfort and a more controlled numb  sensation than other anaesthesia injection methods. 

Since the injection is so precise, only the area around the affected tooth will be  numbed so that you can return to work following your procedure should you wish. 

What Is Dental Sedation?  

Dental sedation is an effective way of making you feel more at ease during  treatment. It doesn’t put you to sleep like a general anaesthetic; you’re still  conscious and able to talk with your dentist. Instead, it puts you into a deeply  relaxed state, where you won’t feel any discomfort or pain. 

Intravenous (IV) sedation: where a sedative is injected into your arm 

Oral sedation: where you take a medication an hour before treatment to give  you a mile sedative effect 

What’s more, sedation isn’t just for invasive procedures. You can also have it for  more routine procedures like our popular airflow hygiene procedure, where your  dentist will give you a scale and polish to ensure your teeth are thoroughly clean.

Patient Reviews  

I recently undertook sedation for a tooth extraction at the Courtyard Clinic. I suffer  from occasional anxiety attacks in constrained circumstances and was concerned  that I would find the procedure difficult to ensure. Sedation was recommended and  made all the difference. The sedating professional had a very reassuring ‘bedside  manner’ and worked in a very professional partnership with my dentist. Although I  remember nothing of the operation itself – no discomfort, no anxiety whatsoever – I am assured that I was conscious and co-operative throughout the thirty-minute procedure. My thanks to the whole team 

Every single member of the team genuinely wants to help. 

I’m fairly nervous and was definitely not looking forward to having my wisdom teeth removed  but Osa & Emma were wonderful – I knew I was in capable hands! 

Alison just ties this whole place together. Nothing seems too much trouble and she’s always  found a solution for me! 

Can’t recommend this team highly enough! 

You’ll never be rushed or pushed into treatment at The Courtyard Clinic. Claire, Emma and  Alison are all so understanding and genuinely want to make each experience the best it can  be. Taking the leap to go and meet Claire nearly 7 years ago has changed my life and I’ll  always be so grateful that she works with me to overcome my fears. 

Claire takes it step by step, showing me exactly what she is doing first, and making sure I am  comfortable with every step before continuing. She is always so accommodating and will  happily adapt appointments depending on how I’m coping. I usually hold my friends’ hand  throughout, even though this gets in the way, it’s never a problem for Claire, she just works  around it! 

I now go and see Claire every 6 months for my routine appointments. Whilst I still get  ridiculously anxious, I know once I am through the clinic doors, I’m in the safest hands and  will be so well looked after.

5 Star Google Reviews


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