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Growing Evidence Indicates That Wisdom Teeth Removal Is Unwarranted

smile teeth beauty The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh has advised against the removal of the third molars in patients who don’t have a problem. The removal of wisdom teeth is advised only when there are problems caused by wisdom teeth.
Key takeaways:

  • Wisdom teeth may be impacted, may be infected, may cause tooth decay, push other teeth, cause cysts and cause excessive pain.
  • Dental experts are questioning if the wisdom teeth extraction is really necessary for cases without these problems.
  • Studies have shown that the risks of surgery far outweigh the risk of keeping wisdom teeth.

The APHA also approved a policy that year saying the concerns of leaving wisdom teeth in don’t justify the risk of surgery – which aren’t small. Aside from associated risks of anaesthetic, the surgery can lead to possible nerve damage, loss of the sense of taste, and sometimes even death.
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