Digital x-rays…

X-rays allow the dentist to see beyond what the eye can see. Dentist have had good quality oral xrays a short time compared to their medical colleagues, and this is mainly because the size of the machines.
These days we live in a technological age, and everything is much smaller; yet just as effective. Being digital means the x-ray that is taken uses a fraction of radiation the film x-ray does. The image is captured on a sensor and transferred to a computer, that way it becomes instantly viewable. It can be turned around, and in some cases made into a 3D image; this reveals more information than the old style films. The usage is limitless; it is cost effective as well as having a positive impact on the environment. Most systems are so powerful that they will pick up and identify  the smallest of infections within a cavity or on the root of a tooth.
And because the radiation dosgaes are small, dental digital xrays are the safest they can be.

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