Dr Pav Kharia

Meet Pav

I’m Pav Khaira. I’m a dedicated implant surgeon, this means I don’t do anything else. That’s because I just LOVE helping you get fixed teeth.

I’m a self confessed nerd when it comes to implants, I even host the Dental Implant Podcast, speak on implants at national an international dental events and symposiums. I love implants so much I even have my own training Academy where I teach and mentor dentists to place implants.

My students have called me The Titani-Nerd, the Chat GPT of implants and the Wikipedia of Implantology. They say I’m obsessed with the science of implants. This works in your favour as I can do pretty much anything when it comes to implants, so even if you’ve been told ‘it’s too difficult’ I can likely help you achieve the results you want.

But I reckon I’m just like anyone who’s lucky enough to earn their living doing what they love: Eager to learn everything and eager to help apply my knowledge to give the highest quality outcomes to my patients

It all started for me after graduating from the University of London and King’s College in 2002, and the conversation with my hero, my grandfather.
I was too inexperienced at the time to help him realise his dream of having functional, fixed teeth.

But I resolved to help as many patients as I could to achieve what my grandfather never could.

I gained a diploma and master’s degree in implantology at BPP University before gaining a further diploma at Stony Brook, New York. I’ve also travelled far and wide, seeking out and learning from some of the best in the business, all over the planet

Along the way, I’ve successfully completed over 10,000 implants and helped countless patients

My dedication to you is in memory of my grandfather, so I do whatever it takes to give you the best results so my work isn’t average. This means my fees are higher than average, and I’m very proud of that.


Visit Pav’s website and read more about what he does: surreydentalimplants.co.uk/prices/

Dr Pavandeep Kharia

GDC No: 81436