5 Tips for Fresher Breath

5 Tips for Fresher Breath

It is estimated that 1 in 4 people suffer from bad breath (or halitosis as it is medically known) regularly. Whilst it is often quite simple to fix, many people find bad breath a real source of embarrassment and anxiety. 
Here at The Courtyard Clinic, we want to uplift all of our patients and ensure that everyone is as confident with their teeth and smile as they should be. So, in this post we’re going to run through 5 tips for fresher breath besides just consuming a packet of chewing gum…

5 Tips For Fresher Breath

01. Stay Hydrated

One cause of bad breath is dry mouth. If you’re not drinking enough water, you’re also not making enough saliva. Saliva naturally cleans teeth by washing away bits of food that might be left in the mouth following a meal. It also contains antimicrobial agents that help combat bad bacteria. So, without a good amount of saliva, your mouth becomes a breeding ground for bad breath and other dental issues.

02.Brush & Floss Every Day

It’s important to make sure that you’re brushing your teeth for the full suggested two minutes twice a day. Once, first thing in the morning, the other, last thing at night. It is also recommended to floss or use interdental brushes once a day to ensure that any food between the teeth, that might be missed by a standard toothbrush, is removed. If not, bacteria will begin to feed on it causing bad breath. 

03. Check Your Diet 

Research has shown that low carbohydrate diets can cause bad breath. This is because of the chemicals released when your body burns your fat stores instead of carbohydrates. This can also occur when people just aren’t eating enough food in general. So, if you’re currently on a keto diet, perhaps consider altering your diet slightly to help freshen your breath.

04. Gently Clean Your Tongue 

Residue can build up on the tongue, so gently brushing your tongue with your toothbrush, or better, a tongue scraper, can prevent this causing bad breath. It’s important, however, not to brush too hard to prevent damaging your taste buds. 

05. Attend Regular Dental Appointments 

Occasionally, bad breath can point to a more serious dental issue. Attending regular appointments is a great way to ensure that your mouth is as healthy as it can be, and issues like bad breath can be avoided. If you’re concerned about your breath or your oral health more generally, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment here at The Courtyard Clinic and we can check things over for you.


So there we have it, 5 tips for fresher breath. From drinking more water to eating a balanced diet, these are just a few things we can all do to help avoid bad breath.

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