X rays in dentistry

X-rays in dentistry are commonly known as dental radiographs. These are an essential part of the dental examination process for patients who need extensive streatment. The biggest questions surrounding x-rays in dentistry are whether they needed and how safe are they?
First of all, one has to understand the reasoning behind their use: Dental x-rays expose the things that cannot be seen by sight or highlighted through a clinical examination.
Dental radiography also helps to determine the conditions of:
Dental fillings
Dental bridges
Root canals
Bone loss
Tartar build-up
The x-rays are vital to discovering the causes and problems inherent within the mouth…such as hidden tooth decay, tooth abscess, tumours or cysts, extra teeth.
Patients are mainly concerned about the idea of radiation exposure. This seems to be an off-shoot from what people may have experienced or read about in terms of medical x-rays in the hospital. There seems to be a more heightened awareness of the implications of radiography amongst the general public. Dental x-rays, however, present very little harm to people. Their radiation output is so minimal (particularly when compared to hospital x-ray apparatus or an airplane flight across the Atlantic) that there is less to be concerned about.
However, one of the new technologies in dentistry involves the use of digital x-rays. These offer a 50-80% reduction in radiation and do not require the use of film or any kind of chemical process. The images they produce are almost instantaneous and cut down feedback time drastically. The digital unit reduces radiation exposure substantially and is ow the gold standard for dental radiography.
Dental x-rays are very important in the dental field as they are a key tool in diagnosing dental problems and conditions, which lead to more accurate and effective treatments.
At The Courtyard Clinic, we offer many treatments that are initially explored using this process such as:
Dental implant surgery
Cosmetic dentistry
Periodontal disease treatment
Dental bridgework

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