Why should you go to the hygienist?

Our dental hygienist is an integral part of the oral health care team here at The Courtyard Clinic. Dental hygienists specialise in the prevention and treatment of gum disease (also known as periodontal disease).
One of the hygienist’s main roles is to provide “scale and polish”- the aim of this is to remove the soft and hard plaque or tartar from the teeth, followed by removal of stains with a polish to leave the teeth feeling incredibly clean and smooth. Further to this, an integral part of the hygienists job is to promote oral hygiene, we understand here at The Courtyard Clinic that there are hundreds of oral health products on the market these days, many of which seem difficult to use or fit into your daily regime. It is the role of the hygienist to provide our patients with a bespoke oral care plan which will maintain their teeth and gums in a healthy state whilst also not being a burden on their day to day routine! Some people will have to work harder than others to maintain good oral health but with a plan specially designed for their mouth it is always easier- unfortunately dentistry is not ‘one size fits all’!
We recommend that patients come to see the hygienist between 2 to 4 times a year depending on their risk of disease. The other benefits of this regular review is that hygienists can check for presence of any obvious disease and refer you to the dentist for an exam sooner rather than later. They can also give you advice on other problems such as dry mouth, staining, sensitivity and acid erosion.
As with most things in medicine and dentistry – prevention is better than the cure! Regular visits to the hygienist will reduce the need for fillings and other treatment, keep your mouth in tip top shape and even save you money!
If you would like to book in for a hygiene visit in Chertsey please call Alison on 01932 582949

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