Why Children’s Dentistry Is So Important

From first teething, to all of their baby teeth falling out – children’s teeth are always changing and developing. Keeping an eye on these changes and helping ensure your child’s teeth and gums are as healthy as possible is an important job as a parent. At The Courtyard Clinic we make this easier by treating children of all ages and doing regular checkups, even alongside the whole family’s checkups. So, why is children’s dentistry so important?

Starting Them Young

Starting good oral hygiene practices at a young age is the best way to pattern great hygiene for life. Getting children aware of the importance of dental hygiene and how to treat & care for their teeth and gums is essential in creating a foundation of dental self-care. It’s never too early to start.

Getting Used to the Dentist

Dental phobia is very common within adults. Often, this stems from a lack of dental care from a young age, resulting in uncertainty and being uncomfortable while visiting the dentist. At The Courtyard Clinic, we have many measures and techniques in place to assist with nervous patients suffering from dental phobia – however, prevention is always better than cure. Getting your child used to the dentist environment and check-up procedure is a great way to reduce risk of them developing dental phobia later in life, resulting in much better oral care and hygiene as they grow up. 

Catching Problems Early

Possibly one of the biggest benefits of getting your child regularly seen by a dentist is confidence in knowing that any dental or gum issues that may arise, are caught early and treated sooner rather than later. With children, it’s always best to catch habits early on that could be damaging to their oral health. 

A Strong Foundation

Although baby teeth are not with us for life, the importance of taking care of them cannot be underestimated. Baby teeth falling out too early could lead to shifts elsewhere in the mouth and result in out-of-place / crooked teeth that will need to be corrected later down the road. Regular checkups as a child will monitor growth of baby teeth and eventually adult teeth as they grow out. Having a strong foundation of baby teeth health will help to ensure adult teeth grow as they should and reduce the chance of needing corrective measures as your child grows older. 

It’s because of these reasons, regular checkups of your child are very important. The Courtyard Clinic often treats children and their entire families together. We have a strong team of passionate dentists that all love to work with children. You can learn more about children’s dentistry on our website here or give us a call to get your child booked in today!

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