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What is CEREC? A Simple Guide.

Advances in modern dentistry have made treatments easier, more convenient and less painful than ever before. Here at The Courtyard Clinic, CEREC is still one of our favourite treatments. This short guide is going to outline what CEREC is, when it is used as well as its advantages. Read on to find out more…

What is CEREC?

CEREC is a dental restoration treatment that was developed in 1985 at the University of Zurich. CEREC uses computer-assisted design and computer-aided manufacturing to offer same-day tooth restoration for patients, using very strong ceramic. 
The restorations are metal-free and tooth-coloured, and the entire process takes no longer than a few hours to complete. One of the more common uses of CEREC is for crowns. Crowns are small, tooth-shaped caps that fit over a tooth, to hide a discolored or misshapen tooth.

What does CEREC Stand For?

It stands for Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic.  

When Is CEREC Used?

This type of restoration is typically used to repair tooth damage from decay or injury. Patients who have broken, chipped, worn out or damaged teeth can benefit from CEREC. While inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers, are the most common uses of CEREC restoration, it can also aid in full-contour bridges, implants, and surgical guides too.

What Is The Process For Getting It?

  1. Your dentist carries out an examination and then prepares your tooth for the restoration.
  2. The software takes a digital photo of the treatment area and converts it into a 3D model.
  3. With input from your dentist, the software creates the final restoration.
  4. The CEREC mill then precisely carves a ceramic block into the exact shape and specifications of your restoration, so that it is the perfect fit.
  5. Finally, the restoration is polished and fitted in your mouth by your dentist.


What Are The Advantages Of CEREC?

– A minimal amount of tooth needs to be removed. A traditional non-CEREC restoration, generally requires a dentist to remove more healthy tooth structure.
– There are no uncomfortable, gooey molds. Instead, your dentist takes digital impressions which are both more comfortable and more accurate.
– No temporary crown needed. The treatment can all be carried out chair-side, in one appointment, meaning temporary crowns aren’t needed whilst waiting for the lab to make the crowns.
– Everything is carried out in a single visit. Not only does this save time but as the entire procedure can be carried out within the hour, you only need to have one set of injections too.
– Your dentist is in complete control of the final result. Unlike crowns that are made in a lab miles away, your dentist knows exactly what results you are looking for and can help craft the perfect treatment for you. 
Interested in hearing more about CEREC and whether it is a suitable treatment option for you? Give us a call on 01932 582 949 and we can book you in for a free no-obligation consultation…

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