dogs teeth anaesthesia

Veterinarians Fear That Anesthesia-Free Dentistry May Cause Greater Harm

dogs teeth anaesthesiaNormally, dental procedures in pets are carried out under general procedures. However, there have been considerations to carry out teeth cleaning without anesthesia.
Key takeaways:

  • Just as human beings brush their teeth, dogs and cats require regular teeth cleaning.
  • Keeping the pet awake during the teeth cleaning procedure has potential for risks such as severe injuries to the gums and tongue caused by dental equipment.
  • For the animal, the procedure is scary and may lead to high stress levels making them anxious and restless.

The American Veterinary Medical Association recently stated dental cleanings for pets should be done under anesthesia, but some veterinarians said, for certain pets who can’t handle anesthesia, cleaning without it might be the only option.
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