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Smile Makeovers Weybridge

The endless benefits of a new and sensational smile are now available to everyone.

Television makeover programmes in Weybridge have shown that an attractive, bright and confident smile is now a matter of choice.

Modern dentistry has a solution for all of your oral imperfections; real or imagined. We can now transform a mouth filled with broken, missing, discoloured or uneven teeth and replace silver fillings with a more natural white finish. Everything is possible; it all begins with you seeking your dentist’s advice.

Studies agree that the smile is usually the most important and best-remembered feature when we meet a new person. A smile makeover Weybridge doesn’t just transform your mouth, it changes your life!

Case 1

Alex presented unhappy with the white spots on his teeth from orthodontic smile makeover treatment in Weybridge. Alex had a combination of tooth whitening, DMG Icon and Cosmetic bonding and was very happy with his smile that people keep on commenting on!

Alex October 2014

Case 2

Here is one of my lovely patients. We did this smile makeover for this very nervous lady in two appointments within a week in Weybridge. She is over the moon with the results and is still smiling a year later! Well done Paula!

Composite bonding treatment was done by Claire Holly Wilkinson


Case 3

This lady came in to fill the gap between her front teeth. After some simple dental bonding she was extremely happy with the results. Minimal adjustments to the teeth and no impressions to get this result.


Case 4

This patient had whitening and bonding. Following the whitening this was done in one appointment. What a difference a day can make!


Case 5

This patient came in to sort out one of his front teeth which had an old stained filling on it. We made him a veneer for a beautiful natural result.


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