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Composite Bonding Weybridge

Dental bonding is the skilful and artistic use of the correct amount and colour of a mouldable composite material made from resin and a variety of fillers, to repair chipped and broken teeth, close gaps between teeth or reshape teeth.

It is purely a cosmetic dentistry procedure suitable for small additions to your teeth as the material is not strong enough to cover large areas including weybridge.

The tooth is thoroughly cleaned to remove any debris or tartar accumulation, then shaped or roughened by your cosmetic dentist weybridge using a special tool. The surface of the tooth is then etched with a special phosphoric-acid-based gel, which provides a better surface for the composite to adhere to. Composite of a colour matching your natural teeth is then applied to the etched tooth surface and exposed to a special light source which causes the composite to harden and set.  The composite bonding is often applied to the tooth in several thin layers until the desired shape, translucency and texture is achieved. The final step involves polishing and buffing the composite to give the desired shape and smooth finish by an expert cosmetic dentist in Weybridge.

Case 1

Here is one of my lovely patients. We did this smile makeover for this very nervous lady in two appointments within a week. She is over the moon with the results and is still smiling a year later! Well done Paula!

Composite Bonding treatment in Weybridge was done by Claire Holly Wilkinson

Before After New

Case 2

This lady came in to fill the gap between her front teeth. After some simple dental bonding she was extremely happy with the results. Minimal adjustments to the teeth and no impressions to get this result.

Before After 7

B A 2

B A 1

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