receding gums disease

Treatment Options Available For Receding Gums

receding gums disease
receding gums treatment

Early diagnosis and treatment of receding gums will increase the chances of reversing the condition. Treatments are aimed at prevention or reversal of the condition, to avoid tooth loss.
Key takeaways:

  • Receding gums, also referred to as gingival recession, lead to exposure of roots of the tooth.
  • Receding gums are linked to problems such as tooth sensitivity, infection, tooth decay, pain, and tooth loss.
  • Gingival recession is caused by poor oral hygiene, physical wear, misaligned teeth, lip piercings, periodontal disease, and dental treatments.

Most cases of mild gum recession do not need treatment. Dentists may simply give advice about prevention and offer to monitor the gums. Teaching people how to brush gently but effectively is a good early intervention.
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