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Treatment Gallery

Case 1 Full Arch veneer case

This patient was worried about her lower front teeth being misaligned, worn and discoloured. Also her back teeth were affected by a severe form of gum disease so had to be taken out. She received a complete set of crowns/ veneers and implants at the back of her mouth. What a difference! Procedure done by Dr. Claire Holly Wilkinson.

Case 2

Some cases showing what can be achieved by improving a single front tooth with a crown or veneer.

Case 3 Implant Cases

Implants can dramatically change the appearance of your smile if your natural teeth aren’t saveable. At the courtyard clinic we offer the full range of implant dentistry from single tooth implants (Photo 1) to a full set of teeth supported by implants (Photo 2). We also offer a mixture of implants and crowns/veneers all placed together if some of your teeth can be saved and some can’t (Photo 3). Implant by Dr. Philip Mc Cauley and Dr. Claire Holly Wilkinson.

Case 4

Is there one tooth that upsets you but you don’t want a full set of veneers/crowns to make your teeth look natural? Here at the courtyard clinic we go the extra mile to ensure our single tooth restorations looks as natural as possible so they blend right in! Cases by Dr. Claire Holly Wilkinson.

Case 5 Invisalign and whitening cases:

No matter how old or young you are having your teeth straightened is usually option. Here at The Courtyard Clinic we offer a range of invisible braces, both fixed or Invisalign. A protocol we promote to improve smiles in a minimally invasive way

1) straighten teeth
2) Whiten teeth
3) Composite bonding to achieve the perfect smile.

All work completed by Dr. Claire Holly Wilkinson.

Case 6

Sometimes fillings can fail and need to be replaced. We take care with replacing these fillings to improve the smile very naturally. If crowns aren’t for you or financially aren’t an option, composite bonding is the less expensive but next cosmetic option to restore the smile. All cases by Dr. Claire Holly Wilkinson.

Case 7 Veneer Cases

Veneers can be a way to give you a perfect white Hollywood smile or can be used to introduce a nice
natural upgrade to fragile teeth. Work completed by Dr. Claire Holly Wilkinson.

Case 8 Anti-wrinkle treatments by Dr. Claire Holly Wilkinson

Some cases are more complicated than others. Here is a complex case that we enjoyed working through every step of the way with our wonderful client!

Anti-aging treatments have become increasingly popular at The Courtyard Clinic.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

  • What is Botox? : A neurotoxin derived from Clostridium Botulinum, an organism found in the natural environment.
  • Is it dangerous? : Not if provided by a medically trained practitioner, more than 6 million treatments are administered each year effectively.
  • Action? : It prevents and softens wrinkle lines promoting a youthful glow. The injections work by relaxing the muscles in the face.
  • When should I start? Prevention is better than cure so treatment should really start in your 20s if you want the best results long term
    (don’t worry if you are older it still works well).
  • Other uses? : A variety of medical conditions including excessive sweating, migraines, prevents people excessively grinding their teeth and other muscular disorders.
  • Longevity? : 3 to 6 months, the more you get it done the less frequent you will need it over time.
  • Costing? : Really this should be done case by case to ensure you get the right quantities you need, going cheap isn’t the best option.
    This is your face and the injections should be administered thoughtfully!
  • What happens if I don’t like it? : Once Botox wears off, you will go back to how you were before, both the wrinkles and the aging process will come back too!
    Botox is not for everyone, you can try it and see but most people we treat absolutely love it and wouldn’t be without it now. The aim is to get the “oh you look well”.

Case 9

Smile make over using the technique of composite bonding and all done in one day. A more affordable option of getting that perfect smile!

Case 10

Case 11

Case 12

This lady had some comprehensive treatment including the placement of two implants and an implant bridge. The rest of her front teeth were treated with natural veneers. What an improvement!

Case 13

This man had a gappy, worn and unaesthetic smile. we used a combination of crowns bridges veneers and implants to create a vast improvement.

Case 14

We had to remove all of his teeth and placed four implants in each jaw to support fixed teeth in upper and lower jaws.

Case 15

Combination of crown bridge and implants.

Case 16

All teeth removed and multiple implants placed to support fixed teeth in both jaws.

Case 17

All teeth removed due to gum disease and multiple implants placed to secure fixed teeth.

Case 18

Combination of crowns implants and bridges used to create a strong bite and aesthetic smile.

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