5 tips for easing toothache

5 Tips for Easing Toothache

Having toothache is never a pleasant experience. Whilst it’s important to see a dentist if you have a toothache that lasts more than 2 days, in this post we’re going to outline 5 tips for easing toothache to help make the circumstance a little more comfortable. 
If you experience either of these symptoms alongside your toothache, it’s important to visit A&E as soon as possible:
– the area around your eye or your neck is swollen
– swelling in your mouth or neck is making it difficult for you to breathe, swallow or speak

5 Tips for Easing Toothache


  1. Take painkillers. Whilst this is probably a given, taking over-the-counter painkillers like ibuprofen and paracetamol is the simplest way to ease the pain of toothache in the short term. 


  1. Try a salt water rinse. Dissolve a spoonful of salt in a small amount of warm water, swill it around your mouth in the affected area, then spit it out. A salt water rinse can help in two ways; it’s a natural antibacterial agent, it may also help remove any food particles or debris stuck in the teeth or gums which could be contributing to the pain.


  1. Use a pain-relieving gel. Gels such as Orajel can be bought over the counter at a pharmacy and help to numb the affected area. This relieves the pain and symptoms caused by the toothache. Again, this is only a temporary solution whilst waiting to see a professional but is very accessible!


  1. Stick to eating soft foods. If suffering with the toothache, eating soft foods like mashed potato, lukewarm soup or porridge, scrambled eggs is advised. By the same token, avoiding citrus fruits, spicy and salty foods and raw vegetables is wise.


  1. Avoid extremes of temperature. It’s important, however, not to consume anything too hot or too cold. Whilst ice-cream might seem like a good idea, it’s best to wait until after the toothache has gone to tuck in. The same goes for hot drinks or any other piping hot food. 

And there we have it, 5 tips for easing toothache. Don’t forget, if you are ever suffering with any pain or discomfort with your teeth, just give us a call on 01932 582 949 and we’ll be sure to help!

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