They are just baby teeth, why fix them?

If your child develops a cavity in a baby tooth the decay will slowly (and sometimes rapidly) get bigger and deeper. If the tooth is really close to falling out, we have the option of just leaving it alone. If it looks like it may be a while until it would normally fall out, we need to do something. Otherwise the consequences of early loss of the baby teeth, can mean you are in for braces, toothache, infection and possibly more extensive dental work.
A small cavity can be filled with a white filling, a medium cavity can be filled, but a deep or large cavity may need a crown to cover the whole tooth. If the tooth is at the back, the crown may be silver in color. It may even need a Pulpotomy or “nerve treatment”. So, get it fixed early when it is small (and less expensive)!
Remember baby teeth are there for a reason. They give the child something to chew with and (importantly) they often save space for the permanent teeth. Sometimes to remove the tooth is an option, but if a back baby tooth is lost too early, without follow up treatment, additional crowding problems that are often more difficult to correct will occur.
So, if a tooth is removed early the child will usually need a Space Maintainer. This is one reason why it is often easier to fill or restore a baby tooth than just remove it.

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