1. Food to Avoid or Love for the Period to New Year’s

    27th October 2016 by thecourtyardclinic

    smile beauty healthDo not avoid the platter of cheese at your next dinner setting. Cheese is quite good for your teeth since it contains casein that protects teeth from cavities.

    Key takeaways:

    • Spinach, kale and other green vegetables are good for healthy teeth. They require more chewing which  helps to release more saliva that washes the teeth.
    • Avoid too much citrus foods such as oranges, lemons, and lime that are highly acidic and cause erosion of tooth enamel. Citrus fruits can be enjoyed with large meals to limit damage to the teeth.
    • Candy should be avoided due to the high sugar content that fuels bacterial activity in the mouth.

    In general, you don’t need to deprive yourself of your favorite fall and winter treats to maintain a healthy mouth — just be sensible. “You can eat anything in moderation,” says Dr. Messina. “And make sure you brush twice a day, floss once a day, and see your dentist regularly.”

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  2. Six Habits Which Can Hurt Your Teeth

    7th October 2016 by thecourtyardclinic
    damaged teeth, teeth care

    habits that harm your teeth

    Regular brushing and flossing aren’t the only care that you should give the teeth. The teeth are likely to suffer other forms of damage other than tooth decay.

    Key takeaways:

    • Chewing on ice is a potential cause for damaged teeth. Making it a regular habit will lead to chipped or cracked teeth.
    • Using the teeth to open bottles and packaging will result in cracked teeth and even tooth decay.
    •    Snacking between meals increases the contact between sugar and teeth. It increases the growth of bacteria that cause plaque buildup and tooth decay.

    Chewing ice may seem like a harmless and calorie-free way to cool down, but in reality, you could be causing real damage to your teeth. If it becomes a regular habit, it can lead to cracked and chipped teeth, damage to tooth enamel and problems with dental work such as fillings and crowns.

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  3. 5 top travelling tips for healthy teeth

    16th July 2014 by thecourtyardclinic


    It’s that time of year when a lot of our patients are off on their summer holidays. Everyone loves to get some time in the sun however it is also often the time when we forget about looking after our teeth. Here at The Courtyard Clinic we have 5 top tips for keeping your teeth healthy:

    1) Don’t forget to pack your brush!!
    this may seem obvious but it is very easy to forget! Philips sonicare Diamondclean now comes with a handy travel box. This helps to keep your brush clean and free of bacteria. If you are taking a manual toothbrush with you- make sure it is dry before you leave or it will become a haven for bugs!

    2) Purchase travel size toothpaste
    Most toothpaste companies will have small travel size toothpastes at duty free- traditional sized toothpaste will not be allowed in your carry on luggage! We have some free samples which are perfect for this so feel free to ask your dentist for one!

    3) Check local water safety
    certain countries do not have water which is safe to drink, follow the guidance given to you and if it is not safe to drink do not brush your teeth with it. Be safe and use bottled water, noone likes to get ill especially on holiday!

    4) Dental problems abroad
    Always call your usual dentist if you have any problems while away, we can usually recommend the best course of treatment and depending on the country we may even know a reputable dentist that you can go to. Certain countries do not follow the strict regulations that we have to in this country so make sure you know you are going to a safe location.

    5) Don’t forget your evening brush!
    Many of us may overindulge while we are away on food and especially a nice cold glass of wine or two! Don’t forget wine is high in acid and sugar and all that food will sit on your teeth overnight and may lead to decay or gum disease so always remember to brush before going to bed- your teeth will thank you in the morning!

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