Stopped Flossing? Teeth Still Vital To Overall Health

Dental hygieneResearch has increasingly shown that your dental health can have a significant effect on your overall health.
The most common problems are teeth cavities and gum disease. People who have periodontal disease are at high risk of developing diabetes and heart disease because of the inflammation caused by gum disease and bacteria.
That’s where good dental hygiene will help. Regular brushing (twice or more daily), flossing and rinsing help control gum disease — which reduces inflammation in the rest of the body and possibly lowers risk of diseases.
Don’t give up flossing, as it is effective in removing food from between teeth. Flossing gets into those tiny crevices that a toothbrush cannot reach. Don’t risk developing gum disease based on the latest hype. Your teeth and gum health are vital to your overall health.
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