Spruce up your skin in time for spring

As well as looking after your dental health and making your teeth look and feel a whole lot better, we’re also experts at giving your skin a new lease of life with our beautiful selection of fab facial treatments that are quick, comfortable and reassuringly non-invasive.

Wrinkle free

We can visibly reduce wrinkles with non-surgical injections that relax specific muscles in the face and so prevent the skin from creasing. Delivered with an ultra-fine needle, these anti-wrinkle injections use a safe purified protein to give tense muscles a break. By targeting only certain muscles, this smoothing treatment is confined to that one particular area, so overall facial expression and muscle movement are unaffected, resulting in natural looking results and avoiding that expressionless, frozen look.
These effective injections are commonly used on the upper part of the face especially on the forehead and for crow’s feet around the eyes. They can also be used to prevent ageing as they restrict those repetitive facial movements that may lead to wrinkles.
It is a speedy procedure that only takes around 10 minutes, with no necessary recovery time, so following treatment you’ll be free to get on with your day. Also the results are pretty long lasting and when they do wear off you can just pop in for a skin boosting top up.

Let us fill you in

Our rejuvenating dermal fillers will sort out annoying lines and any lost elasticity. They can also be used to give facial contours a fuller, fresher look.
And treatment couldn’t be easier – a numbing cream is applied and then tiny amounts of the gel-like filler are injected using an ultra-fine needle. It shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes and will be followed by a short massage to encourage smooth collagen growth.

It’s a lip year!

Celebrate leap year with a wonderfully kissable mouth to complement your stunning skin. Ageing can cause lips to lose precious moisture, which can lead to wrinkles, a loss of fullness and less definition. We use subtle treatment techniques to restore an attractive youthfulness to lacklustre lips.
So give us a call and find out how we can smooth out your wrinkle worries.

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