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Regularly Brushing Your Teeth Could Help Prevent a Heart Attack

teeth, oral health, dental health, Plaque-fighting toothpaste can be used to protect heart health. http://www.thelaneshealthandbeauty.com/klonopin-online-uk/. These are the results of a small study looking into the effects of oral health on heart health. The effect was similar to taking stating drugs, without the side effects.
Key takeaways:

  • Thoroughly brushing teeth with toothpaste to remove plaque helps to keep gums healthy, preventing damaging inflammation in arteries which reduces risk of stroke and heart attacks.
  • Using plaque-fighting toothpaste was successful in removing plaque with a 29 percent drop in inflammation levels.
  • Other measures that help prevent accumulation of plaque include reducing sugar consumption.

The reduction in C-reactive protein seen with the better tooth cleaning could translate into a reduced risk of heart disease, but this would require a much larger and longer-term study to prove.
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