child teeth

Recommendations on How to Care For Baby Teeth

child teeth
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Dental visits for your child should not be missed. The visits should commence at six months or immediately after the first teeth appear.
Key takeaways:

  • Baby teeth have thinner and less resilient enamel making the teeth vulnerable to sugars and bacteria that cause tooth decay.
  • Early childhood decay is associated with regular consumption of sugary drinks in baby bottles or sipping cups.
  • Tooth decay in the baby teeth or primary teeth leads to abscesses that can affect the permanent teeth developing inside the gums.

High levels of consumption of sugar-containing food and drinks and low exposure to fluoride are the causes of tooth decay. Children in deprived areas are more likely to have higher rates of decay than children from more affluent areas, although the impact of this seems to be mitigated in areas where the water is fluoridated.
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