Do You Need Dental X-Rays Every Year?

dental xrayThe American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that adults without apparent dental problems should not have dental X-rays of any kind every year. The ADA says that adults who take proper care for their teeth can go two to three years between bitewing X-rays.
On the other hand, adults with a high risk of cavities should get bitewing x-rays carried out at least every 18 months, and even more frequently depending on the condition of teeth and gums.
Of course, this does not mean you can skip your dentist appointments!
It’s important to get your teeth checked and cleaned every six months or annually, as your dentist recommends. If not, you risk developing gum disease that can affect your overall health. You also risk tooth decay and other dental problems. Talk to your dentist about whether x-rays are necessary for you or not.
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