Precision in implant dentistry at The Courtyard Clinic: 3D cone beam scans

The key to success in every part of dentistry is accuracy and precision, the more accurate a dentist can be in the treatment they provide the more likely the treatment will be a success. At The Courtyard Clinic we are one of the few practices in the area to have a 3D Xray unit – also know as a cone beam CT scan (CBCT). We utilise this modern technology to bring the utmost accuracy to more complicated procedures such as dental implants.
The difficulty with traditional Xrays are that they show everything in two dimensions, the problem with this is that people are 3-dimensional! Thus where it is appropriate we utilise this 3-dimensional scan to give us the maximum amount of information on the anatomy of a patient. This is particuarily important when dealing with the placement of dental implants to replace teeth.
Dr Philip Mc Cauley (BSc, BDS, MFDS RCS ED, FICOI) is an extremely talented and experienced surgeon who places our dental implants at TCC. He will take a 3D scan of the teeth when necessary and it is a tool which allows him to be incredibly accurate with his treatment thus leading to the best results for our patients.
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