Patient Testimonials November 2010

Crown – Female – Age 54 – Lyne
Today I had a crown fitted. Mt teeth are improving every time I visit the dentist. My dentist is fantastic, understanding and gives an honest opinion for treatment and she is sympathetic to nervous patients.
Implant crown – Female – Age 60 – Sunningdale, Berkshire
I’m really pleased with the implant crown I had fitted today, it blends in very well. My dentist is very reassuring and through.
Hygiene – Female – Age 61 – Chertsey
I had a cleaning today with Marie the hygienist, my teeth feel lovely and clean, wonderful.
Extraction – Male – Age 63 – Walton On The Hill
I had my molar removed today, my teeth are okay, my dentist is brilliant – Very good looking!
CT scan – Male – Age 9 – Lyne
I came to the dentist to have a CT scan today because my tooth is hidden in my mouth. My teeth are nice, my dentist is great.
Filling and check-up – Male – Age 18 – Guildford
Today my visit to The Courtyard Clinic was for a check –up and to have a filling fitted. I think my teeth are good but are in need of some rearrangement. Yasmin is very good, efficient and nice.
Composite bonding and whitening – Female – Age 20 – Guildford
After my composite bonding and the whitening my teeth look brilliant, such an improvement – Subtle change but definitely worth it! Yasmin is great, professional and vey competent
Cerec and Clean – Female – Age 47- Bracknell
While having my Cerec treatment and a clean today, Yasmin explained everything comprehensively before and during treatment.
Orthodontics – Male – Age 9 – Morton
I had a brace fitted today. My teeth are ok and my dentist is really good.
Filling and whitening – Male – Age 17 – Tadworth, Surrey
I like what’s been done to my teeth. The dentist is very good.
Crown – Female – Age 54 – Windsor
I had a crown fitted today and I think my teeth are great. And my dentist is great too.
Smile makeover – Female – Age Old – Ewell, Surrey
I had four quadrants (16 teeth) restored with crowns and onlays, one implant and tooth whitening. My teeth are wonderful now! I used to be ashamed of them, not anymore. My dentist is very kind and caring- very patient with me and my phobia. Excellent Dentistry

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