Oral Cancer

Did you know that in the UK, oral cancer is more common in men than women?
Studies have shown that the risk of developing oral cancer increases with age. In the UK the majority of cases occur in people aged 50 or over.
At least three-quarters of oral cancers could be prevented by the elimination of tobacco smoking and a reduction in alcohol consumption. At The Courtyard Clinic we have wonderful resources to help our patients reduce or stop smoking; our team is skilled and motivated to provide smoking cessation advice. The Courtyard Clinic also works with recommended individuals that provide coaching, mentoring and counseling therapy.
When in the sun for work or pleasure it’s very important to protection against UV irradiation. Lip block should be used to reduce the incidence of lip cancers.
Our community in Surrey is a very cosmopolitan one. Different ethnic groups have different cultures. Studies have shown betel or areca nut chewing in the south Asian and Chinese populations does have a higher incident of oral cancer development.
At The Courtyard Clinic we delighted to offer our patients a cancer screening service which will help identify possible early lesions. This service is inclusive of our examination fees.  We feel that regular screening of our patient’s mouths will help indentify early lesions, this would help treat our patients earlier and quicker.Our philosophy is to provide education and support to all our patients.

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