Now…… National Orthodontic Week 22nd-28th March 2010

NOW you can have the smile you have always wanted
NOW stands for National Orthodontic Week and the first NOW will be celebrated during the week of 22 – 28 March 2010.
Orthodontics is a special kind of dentistry concerned with the growth of the teeth, jaws and face.  Nearly one million people of all ages started having orthodontic treatment last year in the UK.  Orthodontic treatment is about making the best of your teeth; it’s about improving the harmony of your mouth and jaws. Once you can bite together correctly, you can eat more comfortably and care for your teeth and gums more easily.  Orthodontics is all about creating a natural, healthy smile. 
NOW is the brainchild of the British Orthodontic Society (BOS), a charity which promotes the very best in education, research and care of patients. The campaign has been created to focus attention on the ways the look and function of your teeth can be improved; providing you with clear, trustworthy and impartial information about orthodontic treatment and encouraging you to find out more … NOW.   
A new website www.nowsmile.org has been created and you can log on to NOW
To discover the National Orthodontic Week events taking place;
find a dentist who provides orthodontic treatment in your area;
read 12 information leaflets produced by the BOS about different aspects of orthodontic treatment and enter a competition to win a digital photograph frame (on which perhaps to display your beautiful new smiles!).
On the site you will find the results of a BOS survey conducted by ‘You Gov’ to discover consumer attitudes towards their mouths, smiles and appearances.  You will also read some inspiring stories about how orthodontics has changed lives; how people have overcome bullying and depression thanks to their orthodontist and how one woman had treatment in her late 70’s, who shows you it is never too late to get the natural healthy smile you have always wanted.
You can also view a short film all about orthodontics, – viewing it could be the best three minutes you ever spend – you never know it could change your life!

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