Non-Surgical Anti-ageing Treatments

The Courtyard Clinic now offers a new tier of treatment. Alongside our sophisticated dental treatments where we address some of the most complex cosmetic cases, we now have the expertise to improve your confidence by enhancing the features of your face, using new, innovative and virtually pain-free treatment modalities. We pride ourselves on providing our patients with a more youthful appearance whilst still maintaining that natural look.
Lines and wrinkles
Improve the look of those tired eyes and sagging skin; our cosmetic injectable treatments help to re-tighten the skin and maintain that natural glow for longer.
Lip Enhancement
The ageing process causes lips to become thin and less full, losing their definition. Whether you are just looking to improve the contour of your lips or bring back that fuller look, we can help you achieve the results you desire with subtle changes that can make your lips look healthier, softer and more hydrated.
Dermal fillers
Improve and enhance facial contouring. Replace the lost volume in your face by replenishing your skin with natural hyaluronic acid, leaving your skin smoother and looking younger.
Hyperdidrosis – excessive perspiration
This condition can be very embarrassing and uncomfortable for sufferers, and a huge concern when making daily decisions. We offer a safe and virtually 100% effective solution, a life-changing procedure for sufferers.

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