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Your Next Dental Appointment Might Protect You from Pneumonia

teeth smile beautyYour mouth contains lots of bacteria that are both useful and harmful to your health. You cannot get rid of all these bacteria, but regular dental cleaning eliminates “bad” bacteria that leads to health problems like pneumonia.
Key takeaways:

  • Previous research has already established a connection between pneumonia and oral health.
  • Numerous microbes (bacteria, viruses) in the mouth are beneficial, but in certain conditions may lead to diseases.
  • Pneumonia-causing bacteria are inhaled, and regular dental cleaning will help to eliminate these bacteria.

In her presentation, Dr. Doll acknowledged that people who see their dentist regularly are also likely to practice other healthy-mouth behaviors (like brushing and flossing regularly). They may also have healthier behaviors in general, which might affect their pneumonia risk, as well.
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